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Waterfed Pole System

Using the water fed pole method of window cleaning means that we no longer rely on ladders to help us reach high windows. This completely removes many of the risks and hazards that window cleaners were exposed to in the past.

Our poles can reach windows up to 20 metres or 65 feet from the ground and we can access anywhere up to 150 metres from where our vans are parked. As the windows are cleaned using brush heads, we can easily clean the frames at the same time.

It is a completely environmentally friendly way of cleaning windows as only purified water is used. The process requires no chemicals. This means no damage to buildings, lawns and planted areas from badly placed ladders and no more strange faces looking through windows unannounced!

When used for window cleaning, the purified water dries to a perfectly clean finish. Traditional window cleaning methods leave behind a sticky soap residue, which attracts fresh dirt back to the window. Windows cleaned with the water fed pole system actually stay cleaner for longer as no chemicals or detergents are used in the process.